Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sephora Blasted Nail Colour Review

I've been really excited to try the "crackled" look ever since the first OPI ones came out. I bought one from ChinaGlaze in black, but never tried it since it looked too "loud" for my taste.

I saw that Sephora started selling their own "crackled" nail polishes called "Blasted". There are 8 different colors online but I've only seen it in black, silver, and gold in stores. Since it's summer, I grabbed a bottle of the gold one and, at first, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but it's growing on me. :)

 It took a few tries to get it right. I read a few reviews already about how you should apply a thin coat, etc, but I still got it wrong. Anyway, I applied the gold on top of a bright pink, Chanel's Rivera, for the summer and here's how they look:

shot with sunlight only

sunlight only
no sunlight, just natural light for this one
Sephora by OPI in "Blasted Gold", Chanel 537 Rivera

I have a periwinkle blue nail polish from Sally Hansen that I want to try next. I'm really liking gold this summer, so I'm not sure I'll be buying anymore colors, but there were some gorgeous blues available on Sephora's website!

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