Sunday, July 24, 2011

Product Review: Bausche & Lomb's Naturelle Circle Lense


One thing I definitely wanted to try while I was in Korea was circle lenses. I've seen lots of girls where them in the states, but I wasn't too keen on purchasing them online without trying them on first. I wanted to find a pair that enhanced my eyes, so I wasn't looking for different colors like grey, purple, etc. I just wanted something subtle and not too noticeable.

I went to an eye doctor nearby and was given 2 different brands to try out- Bausche & Lomb's "Naturelle" and Acuvue's "Define". The first one I tried was the Bausche & Lombe's. I was immediately drawn to this because of the commercial and model (so pretty! haha). Also, it looked the most "subtle" of the examples that were in his office.

A screenshot from their commercial
Here are pictures of the product- again, these were samples that the eye doctor gave me after showing him my prescription. He only gave me one pair of each to try so that I could decide if I wanted to buy them or not.

I'm not wearing any makeup in the following pictures, because it was so hot and muggy! I was going makeup-free for a while.. :P Also, my eyes are not dark dark brown- they're a bit lighter than some of my friends, so that part is natural.

These are my eyes without the circle lenses.
These are pictures of me with them on. Sorry I didn't get a real close-up of my eyes, but you can see a subtle black line around the iris.

Tried to get a closer picture of the black line around my iris.

- The price for 2 boxes (I have a different prescription for each eye) is approximately $45 USD, which isn't bad.
- From afar, it gives a subtle "circle" around your iris, so it accomplishes its name- being "naturelle".

- They are daily contacts, so I'd only wear these on special occasions. Too bad I can't drag these out longer.
- Although I liked how natural-looking it was, no one else realized any difference between my wearing these and not wearing them at all. *sob.
- Looking up close, the circle is made up off lots of little dots rather than a solid line or rim, so I see the dots around my iris which looked a bit weird.. but this is if you were looking super close.

I was set on buying these lenses, but after hearing my family say they saw no difference and the little dots that made up the circle, I decided against it.

Thanks for reading!