Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inglot Round Shadows Sale


I wanted to share some shadows that I got from Inglot. I found out from Mona ( that Inglot was discontinuing their round shadows and were on sale while supplies last. Since I work a few blocks away from an Inglot store, I hurried right after work :)

I really like their pearl shadows, so I picked up 5 as well as a palette. These were available as of Thursday, 8/18, so maybe they're still there. The sales associate didn't mention that they were running low. They're all great colors, texture is super soft, and they blend very well together!

Also, the price! These originally sell for $4 each but were 30% off, making them $2.80. With tax, they came out to ~$3 each. Not bad, right? :) (The freedom palette was $8.)

Anyways, onto the pictures!

Here are the five round shadows:
#395: beige, nude, very light gold shimmer. (I thought this would be great to highlight the brow bone)
#448: silver grey with a slight tinge of baby blue
#418: emerald green (love this color the most!)
#421: reddish brown
#423: purple'ish/maroon brown

#395, #448, #418, #421, #423

close up of the palette. there's a magnet in each corner to close the palette. 

swatches! i love these colors :)
Even though these are the round shadow refills, they also sell them in a larger size for $12 each (these are available online). I think these round shadows are still available, so if you have time, check out the store! This sale is only available in stores, not online.

Let me know if you hit up the sale and what colors you get! :)



  1. Those shades are really pretty~ You've chosen a nice palette of shades =)
    $2.80 is such a great deal! I think I missed out on the sale here.

  2. Nice buy! love the colors!

  3. That's soooo cool that you got them on sale :) I hope you have lots of fun with them, and we get to see more of what you do with them ;)

  4. such a good deal! i've always wanted to try some ingot

  5. oeh wauw very nice!! I love inglot!! great colors!

  6. The shades are really nice :)